Principal Garden UOL is a Pure Masterpiece of Art

Principal Garden UOL is a condominium styled residence, which is being constructed in one of the finest locations, famously known as Prince Charles Crescent. The developer of this well-thought project is Secure Venture Development (Alexandra) Pte Ltd, a subsidiary of United Overseas Land Limited. The condominium styled building will consist of 4 towers, each of the towers will have 24 stories and in total, it will be comprised of 663 condo units.

Also, there is quite a variety of number of bedrooms, present in each unit type, ranging from 1 to 5-bedroom unit types, making the task of choosing easy and flexible for the interested customers. Luxurious is the most appropriate word while defining anything related to Principal Garden.

What makes Principal Garden UOL a pure masterpiece of Art?

Principal Garden UOL is truly a masterpiece of Art because of many reasons. The one particular attribute of Principal Garden, which tops all the other qualities is the fact that 80 percent of the property’s location is saved for beautifying the surroundings of the property, by establishing the rich and flawless scenery of flourishing green gardens, wide-ranging lawns, swimming pool and other water related facilities and this makes it four times more environment oriented than structure.

Unlike most of the other condominium developments, we at Principal Garden by UOL believe in giving back something to the Mother Nature because we believe in being environmentally friendly. This idea was also considered because of the health concerns of our residents as a fresh environment will contribute to a healthy lifestyle. This just covers an introduction of what Principal Garden has got to offer.

Surrounded by Good Class Bungalows

It is one of the well-thought and amazing plans, which any condominium has ever offered in the whole district 3 of Singapore. There are a lot of other lifestyle amenities, which will be the part of this project. An exquisite neighborhood in near proximity of the Jervois grounds and Good Class Bungalows lined in front of Principal Garden Condo by UOL along with the Bishops Gate Estates are the features, complimenting the site and location of Principal Garden UOL. Everything which is a part of this project is unique, magnificent and well taken care of.

Majestic Indoor Gym

Another factor, which aids in making the statement true that Principal Garden by UOL is a pure masterpiece of Art is that there is a gym in the condominium, which is surrounded by the forest. Yes, you read it right! A fresh and natural environment is said to be responsible for boosting up the mood swings, which can lead to motivation, therefore, making the workout and exercise more fun and inspiring.

Everything in this new launch is designed to bring the maximum comfort to only its residents but also to the people living around that area, considering the establishment of beautiful scenery by flourishing the green gardens. If you are a nature lover and activist, Principal Garden UOL will prove to be a heavenly experience for you.

Enjoy Best of Worlds at Highline Residences Tiong Bahru Heritage Estate

Highline Residences Tiong Bahru is the premium condominium styled housing project brought forward by the esteemed developers Keppel Land. The residency enjoys the prime location of the mature Tiong Bahru estate but it is the design and the architecture of the project that is what makes it stand out from the rest of the housing developments in the vicinity.

The developers, with their respected reputation, promise the prospect residents of Highline Residences Tiong Bahru a smart living experience with a diverse portfolio of amenities within the premises of the residency.

Prominent Heighted Crest with Greenery:

On both sides of an extraordinary 180 meters, the prominent heighted crest that holds lush green patches, positioned on Level 5 is spread with collective conveniences such as an fine art loaf, open-air fitness pergola, butterfly garden, and children play-area with comfortable hanging beds and much more.

Professional-length Magnificent Swimming Pool:

Considerable swimming enthusiasts can achieve their laps in the Olympic sized grand pool. For others who only want to lighten up and rest, the relaxation pool and spa pods present remedial reprieve whilst your little tots keep themselves engaged and cheerful in the children’s pool with a recreational area.

A Built-up Arable Farm:

Unleash the gardener/farmer in you. On the 1st story there is a herb and seasoning garden with all native vegetation assortment such as pandan, ginger and also a wild betel. On the 22nd story of the tower block, the collective built-up farm encourages everyone to bring out the planters out of them. This certainly marks respect towards the Southeast Asian inheritance.

The Premium Suites – the Crown and Pinnacle Suites on 36th Story:

Dazzle your visitors by holding your functions at the designated gathering halls/rooms on the 36th Level. Along with the basic facilities, these rooms offer absolute 360o sights of the metropolis.

Indoor Gymnasium of the Highline Residences Tiong Bahru:

Enjoy the beautiful surroundings of the heritage-rich estate as you work out at the elevated, indoor Gymnasium located at the 12th Level.

Concierge – Caretaker Service:

Experience expediency and ease like never experienced before. A concierge or a caretaker is always available on hand to assist you with your every need: be it home tidying or your laundry to even availing dry cleaning facilities to organizing for vouchers or other permits to the latest happenings in town, all could be made at your demand. You could save all the time off these petty chores and spend this extra time on the things you love most.

Lifestyle Membership Liberties – Elite Services:

On stand-in support, a private limousine service is available with a professional staff in uniform.

Lifestyle Membership Privileges – Elite Club Access:

Enjoy exclusive golf sessions at the prized golf courses in Indonesia and China or take pleasure in lucky subsidized tariff on yacht contracts and itineraries at the exclusive for members at Marina at Keppel Bay. In addition to this you will also be invited to special, privately held events held exclusively for the residents of Highline Residences Tiong Bahru.

Enjoy Discounted Alex Residences PSF Prices

What are PSF prices?

The word PSF is an acronym or abbreviation in the Real Estate business, which stands for per square foot. Therefore, Alex Residences psf stand for the Alex Residences per square foot.

At Alex Residences Singapore, we believe in giving our customers with the quality product and for this purpose, we keep on coming with some exciting offers, which are designed exclusively for them. This time, we are more than delighted to announce some discounts for our customers who are ready to be a part of the Alex Residences condo.

Our developer’s team work really hard to cut some costs of the project by utilizing the resources provided to them with high efficiency. This way, we are able to pass down some of the discounted prices to our prestigious customers. However, cutting some costs can never mean that we will be compromising on the quality, so do not worry at all!

Discounted Alex Residences PSF prices

We like to give our customers a discount in a slightly different way that is the reason which encouraged us to introduce the Alex Residences psf (per square foot) method. This method is more beneficial for you at it will provide you with the discounts as per the per square method, which means the more area you own in our building, the more discounts you will get. This method will be completely fair and is really appreciated by a number of people.

We have different unit types with different sizes which are measured according to the square foot method. You can check those unit types in order to get a rough idea about the discount which you can get. In order to calculate the price per square foot, you would have to divide the total price of the property by the total area of the property; the answer will provide you with the price per square foot.

Different Unit Type in Alex Residences

Our 1 bedroom unit type, 2 bedroom unit type, 3 bedroom unit type and 3 bedroom+utility type, all of these differ in the sizes and number of units appointed to them. Therefore, the discount you can get will definitely vary with the type of unit you choose.

The 1 bedroom unit type has a typical strata area of about 474 and 506 square feet. This is the smallest unit type, which Alex Residences offers. Then we have the 2 bedroom unit type, this covers a typical strata area of about 657 and 678 square feet, making it the medium sized unit type. Last but not the least, we offer a 3 bedroom unit type, this covers the square feet area of about 883 to 926, making it almost the largest unit type being offered.

Another unit type is the 3 bedroom+utility unit type. It is almost the same as the usual 3 bedroom unit type with just an exception of a little increased area in terms of the typical strata area, which is about 1023 and 1044 square foot. This means that a person who chooses this unit type will surely get the most discount.

So, hurry up and book yourself an apartment before the offer of discounted Alex Residences psf price expires!

Living In Queens Peak Is Just Like Heaven

Queens Peak is an under development project that will be the one thing that all of these people have longed for. The other housing and residential projects do not offer much, but cost a lot. This is one of the things that make people uncomfortable.


Singapore is a beautiful place. There are a lot of tourists that visit Singapore every year. It is a very beautiful spot for tourism. Many people like to visit this place in their holidays with their friends and family. There are other people that come here for business.

Many people come here and enjoy its beauty to get away from all the problems in the world. There are many people that are there to live. A part from tourism, there are families, and other people that tend to live there.

Many people are interested in buying flats and apartments there so they can come there and get away from all the problems they have.

There are many residential estates that are there for people to reside upon. But not all of them fulfil the requirements and standards of people. They don’t usually fulfil their luxury standards.


Queenstown is one of the most beautiful places in Singapore with a very extensive history. There are many schools, colleges and universities in Queenstown. It is located in about the center of the city.

Many Singaporean reside in Queenstown. There are many public housing establishments in Queenstown. They are not at all so modern. To be fair, they do not meet the modern standards of living. People are always looking up to a place where they can live and have the luxurious life that they have dreamed of.

Queens Peak

Queens Peak is that one project that will bring modern living standards in Singapore. It is being developed by MCC land.

They are saying that it would be completed by 2020. Queens Peak is simply beautiful. By having 44 storey, it is easily the tallest building in Queenstown Singapore. It has all the facilities that are required by a person to live.

There might be a single person living there or a whole family. There are apartments that can accommodate all, there is convenience for everybody. A businessman can find it advantageous, a student can find it beneficial and families can find it easy to live in with children.

This new launch has apartments with a single bedroom to apartments with five bedrooms and also single-storey penthouses. There is also a bedroom with study apartment for people that enjoy some extra space. For apartments that have three bedrooms, there are private lifts.

Apartments with more bedrooms have personal lifts and lobbies. For people that have a little more cash in their pockets, there are also penthouses that have swimming pools only for the owners of the penthouses.

There are several other facilities that make Queens Peak just like heaven. There are many stores and shopping malls that are very close. You can even reach the city in just a matter of minutes. You can even have the whole city roamed on the Queenstown MRT that is right in front of the development.

Queens Peak Showflat

Queens Peak showflat is located at Dundee Road, next to Queenstown MRT station. Viewing of the Queens Peak showroom is strictly on appointment basis only. This is because the developer wanted each sales representative to pay the utmost attention to each visitor on his or her needs and wants.

Investing in Singapore Real Estate

It’s been observed that even though the Singapore property market has had the opportunity to endure the challenging occasions no matter some favorable steps taken by the government, it seems to become reaching the tipping point.

The scenario was useful for anyone thinking about purchasing the Singapore real estate market till a couple of in the past. Could it be good situation even today? This information will behave as helpful information for individuals who are intending to buy real estate or are in the market.

It’s been observed that even though the marketplace has had the ability to endure the bumpy rides no matter some favorable steps taken by the government, it seems to become reaching the tipping point. Based on a study by UBS, it’s been predicted that there might be an autumn in your home prices by 10-fifteen percent over the following 12 several weeks.

The marketplace may seem dismal because of the following reasons:

  • The world scenario is influencing the economic development of Singapore.
  • Because the migration laws and regulations have been tightened up through the government, it’s brought towards the decreasing of people growth.
  • These aspects might act as a deterrent towards the foreign buyers from getting into real estate market, therefore dampening the job within the resale market.

The home representatives who comprehend the pulse from the market a lot better than the study analysts differ within their opinion. Sales for that first 6 several weeks of 2012 alone fell short by almost 12,000 units. Maximum demand within the first quarter was for store bought houses. As much as 3700 spaces or 69 % new house sales were recorded within the OCR (Outdoors Central Region). Maximum sales were tape-recorded in Flo House, Palm Isles and Ripple Bay, which offered 324, 306 and 568 facilities correspondingly.

This may be because of execution of ABSD (Added Purchaser Stamp Duty) in December 2011, which triggered the foreign buyers to prevent buying within the prime locations. Because this stamp duty was implemented, a clear, crisp plunge within the demand through the people from other countries for residential qualities is discovered. This element made the financial commitment within the real estate more desirable towards the upgrades within the Housing Development Board, who typically purchase keeping lengthy term objectives in your mind.

The improved supply soon can help to lessen the demand within the OCR, therefore staying away from any synthetic rise in the home rates. Within the lengthy term nonetheless, because the global economies get reinforcedFind Article, it might certainly boost the investor beliefs. It could ultimately assist in the recuperation of property costs in almost the whole from the central area.

It is extremely apparent that the way forward for the Singapore property market relies on the buying power the locals. Heaven may be the limit to add mass to the Singapore real estate market when the government bodies take proper measures to prevent short-sighted speculative investments.